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All prices are stated in SEK including VAT, VAT is currently 25%, books 6%.


Order confirmation

An automatic order confirmation will be sent to the e-mail adress you stated in your order. Please read throught it thoroughly and check that all information is correct.


Delivireies normally take one week. If an item is not in stock, you will be notified via e-mail. 

Damaged packaging and Non-collected parcels

We sent the goods via Postnord. We are not held economic responsibility for possible late delivery caused by the freightcompany. If You discover any damages on the parcel you immediate need to report this to the postoffice or distributionscenter and make a notification of damage. 

Do not collect a damaged parcel! If youi don't discover the damage until you open the parcel and the damage is of a kind that can be referred to Postnord or deliverycompany handling of the goods, You need to contact them and make a notification of damage. If a potential dispute with Postnord or deliverycompany can't be sorted, contact us. If You have ordered but not collected Your delivery before return to us (parcel appr 1 month, letter 14 days), we will invoice you 350 SEK covering our extra work handling the goods.

Shipping charges are calcutlated automatically in the webshopo when the order is placed and they will be displayed at the checkout. Prices are based on the post office's tariff schedule. Shipping is free on all orders in excess of 2000 SEK.


Way of payments


Card Cost: 0 SEK

You pay with Your card via Payson which is a secure payment. The money is set aside in your account and normally withdrawn within 24 hours of your order being placed. You can also pay via your Internet bank.



Easy to pay via Your swish app. You sign with You Mobile BankId. The money are withdrawn directly from You account.  



Cost: 114 SEK. You place your order and pay when you collect the goods.



Cost: 29 SEK

When placing your order you state name, adress, telphone numeber, e-mail adress and the products you have ordered. You must also state your personal identy number so that your credit rating can be checked. We send the goods and payment is due 14 days after date od invoice. All invoices are handled by KLARNA.



Should you change your mind you have the right to a refund within 14 days of havbing received the goods. The bands on the balls of yarn or needlepoint kits may not be broken. You will not be refundend the cost of returning the goods to us. Contact us on: info@wincentgarner.se before returning any goods.


Personal Data Act

Your personal data is handled in accordance with valid stipulations of the Swedish PersonaL Data Act (PUL).


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